The right place for your sporty or teaching driving simulator
and for the modding of your devices



Driving workstation for teaching purposes, for schools and driving schools. Software moves with the user teaching to acquire safe driving


Full driving station for use in sports, from the simplest to the most extreme, for those looking for a more realistic experience. Accessories are available for modding your driving devices, reaching a real "real feel".


Driving workstation for domestic use, both for home pilots and for racing fans. It's possible to study also customized configurations to meet the available spaces

Francesco and Cristiano

Simracers with passion

Always in the world of simracing, we have turned our passion into a job. Taking advantage of our twenty years of computer experience and with a deep preparation in the processing, we met in the first place our own needs, and then brought the solutions to everyone.

Simplicity - Reliability - Realism


Driver station addressed to driving schools or to educational institutes. It can help an instructor to teach the student the synchronicity in the use of the pedals, to simulate the departures flat, uphill or downhill, or by making the first rails in the middle of the urban and suburban traffic to familiarize himself with the car's position on the road, saving the real car, limiting pollution and especially reducing the indirect costs of car maintenance.

The station can also help a teacher to explain what it is to circulate in traffic, or to show the students what happens doing some wrong maneuvers without endangering anyone's life and not causing damages.



This driving position is the replica of a cockpit of a sports car, in all the commands. The driving simulation is entered strongly in the professional motorsport, because the playing realism is so high that it can help a racing driver (but also the non-professional) to acquire the driving automatism of the tracks, even more so if unknown. The expensive real tests can be exploited much more deeply if the preparation for the race has been previously addressed on the simulator. Of course, the simulation can not and must not replace the real tests but definitely it benefits the rider who takes to the track.

Even the same sports facilities can take advantage of this instrument for make known its track to customers and to understand how to take the correct trajectories, as well as for a purpose more properly recreational, thus creating a further incentive to attend the track and generating a new economical stream.



Talking about driving positions intended for "home" use we do not refer to a reductive simulation, because the "home" sim drivers are mostly former pilots or extremely competent enthusiasts, who want to experience the adrenaline of the race in a more convenient and economical way than the reality, but not with less realism; they rightly claim the quality and efficiency that they're used to see in the sophisticated solutions present in the racing sports cars, and moreover, being required cockpits very different because very different are the various motor sport formulas, often we face customizations on request.

In the sale section you will find various types of driving structures, provided in the "DIY" kit or in simple project, solving the problems of space with the foldable seat, until you get to "extreme" driving positions with 3 curved monitor or video projectors. Anyone can choose the driving seat that best suits his needs, but with the certainty that any model is, the characteristics of realism and driving ergonomics will always remain.


This year we wanted to combine the skills developed in the production of driving simulators to our passion for karts, producing a new model for the School of Pilots of ChioggiaKart.

Help pilots to increase their experience and, why not, teach to children by putting them driving safely are two characteristics that seem to blend perfectly with our thought that animated us, that is to bring more and more people to have fun with the speed but do it increasing the safety.

Speed and Safety, always!